vineri, 21 mai 2010

If you hate these movies you are a ...?

Did you cry at the end of Shindler's list?

So did I ! I mean, how lucky were those women? Seriously, they went to Auschwitz and they got a free shower!

No Gas! No fire, no shots !

They could have at least force them to make them a sandwich!

Silly Germans, even in your time of glory you still Fail !

Anyway, Oscar movies are always over appreciated, mainly due to their patriotism theme or black/gay/retarded characters.

Just remember: When you don't like these movies, the terrorists win.


If You Don't Like It. . . You're an imperialist lowlife who doesn't care about poor foreigners. Are you going to finish that dolphin burger?
In Your Defense: The film's very makers plucked its most beloved performers right from the merciless streets of Mumbai. . . and promptly dumped them back there after wrapping. Without its closing dance sequence, it's Forrest Gupta.

If You Don't Like It. . . You're a heathen dirt worshipper who may rightly be treated as a soldier in the war on Christmas.
In Your Defense: Loving this movie doesn't make you a good Christian, nor does trashing it make you a bad one.


If You Don't Like It. . . You're a backwoods, gay-bashing homophobe. Which, if you ask any gay guy, means you're probably gay yourself.
In Your Defense: The movie's main characters might not even be gay. Jake Gyllenhaal himself approached it as the story of straight guys who fall in love. Which really just makes it a plain, old boring love story like Shakespeare in Love, Atonement, and The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down With a Sore Bum.


If You Don't Like It. . . You derive perverse pleasure from the struggles of the disabled. You are the handi-Christ.
In Your Defense: The film posits that it's not science that could make a deranged man sane, it's the triumph of his will. . . or the love of a woman. . . or perhaps a particularly rousing musical montage. Trashing this movie makes you no more insensitive to the life of this schizophrenic than the filmmakers who whitewashed it.

Movie reviews By: Jordan Burchette. Full article here.

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