miercuri, 2 februarie 2011

Don't hate on Leo

"Inception" is probably the best movie of the year 2010, too bad it won't get the recognition it deserved.But did that stop leading-actor Leonardo DiCaprio to walk like a cartoon, happy as a bird, on the set of "Inception"? Of course not.

A picture was taken of Leo, walking "Like a Boss", and since then the internet has exploded with these kind of pictures. The "Strutting Leo" meme, as it is called, appears in every photo ever made.

This is the original picture:

And here are some of the best photoshopped pictures I "found" at Funny or Die:

  1. Matrix Inception: Dream Specialist Cobb can penetrate even the most complex parts of the Matrix:
  2. And right behind Usain Bolt is :
  3. Heeeerrreee's Leo :
  4. The Titanic is sinking you say? Exit Stage Right!
  5. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs don't have nothing on Leo :
  6. Who Shot JFK?
  7. Jesus Can walk on water. But Leo can also walk on water :
  8. Who was really behind Hitlers anti-jew propaganda?

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